Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Moments

It's a beautiful morning on the Connecticut shoreline! Grace has sauntered up the stairs of her rumbling yellow schoolbus, Daisy and Fitzgerald have had their moment outside. Jinx has gone trotting off to collect more chipmunks.....he's been stacking them up like cord wood ever since the new Kitty,Webster a.k.a. Webby a.k.a. Thomas a.k.a. Boo, arrived on the scene.

Where's T.J.? I've just dropped him off at his orthodontist appointment. Now I can breathe. I woke up in time to start the morning dancing of our stars. I've successfully woken Grace, made lunch X 2, walked the dogs, woke up T.J....all timed just right to get T.J. to his appointment! We were in the car and on our way when I became aware that I was still wearing my soft cotton pajamas with a hefty sweatshirt to top off my ensemble. T.J. was the first to take note of my attire. He quietly suggested that I wait in the carand perhaps even listen to my book on tape. That kid's gonna do well someday. He offered his suggestion along with a mini-benefit statement to seal tbe deal. He's a teen, so I embarrass him on a daily basis!

T.J. strolled out of the office and pleaded for breakfast on the go now that he had been freed from the prodding and poking of dental tools. We went for some Sinking Donuts drive-thru. Finally, I had my coffee, T.J. got to school with his late pass from the orthodontist and I got home to start MY day. Just a minute, I have to feed the dogs. Oh...then I have to giveaway them a good long walk and then it will be my turn. Wait! First I have to change out of my pajamas.

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