Tuesday, November 23, 2010

World's Biggest Pipe Organ

ALL I CAN SAY IS.....WOW! 'Tis the season for random acts of anything good and cheerful and upbeat and moving and positive and thoughtful and loving and kind and caring and outside of ourselves......thinking about others and caring for others uses way more energy than feeling sorry for ourselves! I know we all have to take time for ourselves and I know how important it is to have balance in our life.

It makes me much happier when I take the time to acknowledge other people out there in our world.....wherever our world is....even on the street or in a store....I notice how people smile if we just say thank you and call them by name. Life is busy. Life is challenging. Everyone has their share of difficulties. As one of the greatest friends from college always says, " If you could trade your problems with somebody else, you'd want your own problems back!" Even if we can laugh at ourselves or have a little laugh with someone else in our world, it will be a better day...for all of us!

Hope you love this video! By the way, the dear, dear friend who sent this to me has been going through some very scary times with her husband and his cancer. Very serious. Very challenging. They are an awesome couple who love each other deeply and have shared their love since college. They live a wonderful life together. Billy has had cancer. He has survived his cancer and cancer treatments. Now after some time being in remission, they have been challenged by more cancer...caused by chemotherapy.

They have been in Mass. General Hospital for months. Their spirit and positive attiude and sense of humor( what her husband is known for most of all....when we hear his name it brings a smile to our faces....he is the one who made our Grace smile and laugh simultaneously for the first time!)....they do not stop fighting this disease. Billy is due to have a bone marrow transplant, from his brother, on November 30th. They need our prayers and good thoughts and love....from all over...the more the merrier.....love and hope and strength Whoever may read this blog, one or one thousand, please send your good thoughts to Billy and his honey, Jean.

The reason this came to mind is because throughout this whole process of her sweet husband's cancer, Jean has written the most inspirational letters to keep all of our friends updated. Jean's spirit has been a gift....to Billy and everyone she comes across. She trusts that her higher power will keep helping them through their chain of events. That has kept them strong. They are living in the moment. They are treasuring every moment. They share their ups and downs. They trust that they are taken care of. They know that there are no coincidences in life. They have been a gift to us all.

Jean has a gift in putting it all down on paper. I never even knew how well she could write. She was a math major in college, not a writer. Now, with passion and love, she has been blessed with the gift of writing beautifully and she has brought us all along on her journey....with thanks and love. Jean is giving and giving and giving and giving more.

Giving. Thanksgiving. Give thanks for everyone in our lives. Everyday. We won't have them all forever. We all have to get over ourselves and give...of ourselves.We all have to let go of what was. Who cares who is right and who may be wrong. Ego can mess up our whole world. If we stop thinking of ourselves and share with others, we may all live a better life.

If we try. If we share. If we are open. If we are honest and let down our guard. If we trust that we will be taken care of. If we let go of fear. If we stop wasting our energy on hate. If we just try every day to share random acts...of goodness...any kind of goodness,our lives will be fuller and richer and we will feel more love.

That's just that. Sounds kinda preachy. This is for me...to remind myself....to remember....to live it....to care....for OTHERS...not specific others.....those everyday others that we may pass on the street or in the grocery store. I wish this for the ones I love. I wish it for all of us because, I know when I stop and get grateful all of the good and all of the love....that surrounds us all....if we look and take note......life is better when we share.

If you are reading this, I thank you. My blog has changed my life. I thank you for helping me to have a better life...by sharing....by letting me write and laugh at myself. This blog and the encouragement from many of you has been a gift. Thank you. Very sincerely thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving week! Let's give thanks.  Allelujah!....... like the song!

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