Friday, December 10, 2010

EXHAUSTED! Last night stayed up way to late or early depending on how you look at it....late for Thursday night...and early for Friday morning. I was listing lots of goodies on E-bay. Lots! I wanted to get merchandise on for Christmas. Great motivation buy kind of obsessive. I realized as I slipped into bed that it was like I was working the late shift. That was never something Biff and I considered in life. Just once in awhile, when I get on a roll, I like to keep going. But, it's like needlepoint...just one more row! That's what happens to me.  Oh...wait...just the Raggedy Ann....Oh wait! The Vineyard Vines ties....on and on.

This morning, woke up...late-ish.  Made coffee...checked out my E-bay....talked to Biff. Next, put on my coat, took Daisy and Fitzy outside with me to blow some more leaves with the herculean blower our neighbor shared with us this week. The way he looks at it, it's great to share because he benefits by our clean ups. What an awesome neighbor...flower plantings, tree plantings, loves our dogs...stops to pet them everyday, we pick up his mail while he and his wife are away, he came to my rescue the one and only time that I ever ran out of gas....yup! Biff was away and the kids were pretty small, I drive him to pick up his car from service. Give and take. Just plain old friendly neighbors...that we all hope for. Boundaries. Respect. Friendship. Caring. Just nice. It makes a difference. A big difference.

In a world where lots of people drive into their driveway, click their garage door open, drive in, click garage door closed and that's it....the bat cave. That's o.k. That's the world we live in....but it kind of changes the connection. It's more of a disconnection. Funny, I'm not hoping for more friends....we have plenty. It's just the connection and the spirit of community. It's a big world. I don't ever want to lose that small town feeling of connection. So, we are grateful for the folks in our life that make the effort. Just sharing common courtesy and kindness. I am thankful that our kids have seen that kind of community.

So, back to the leaf blower on wheels....I filled it up with gasoline, turned it on and let her rip! I also had the dogs with me. I pushed, pulled, rumbled, rocked and rolled with that big machine....for 3 hours plus. Again, just one more leaf...oh! gotta get under that rock...our of the pacasandra.....on the path....push  the leaves behind the tall grass and into the woods. THREE hours. Biff had to drive about 40 minutes away to pick up something for work.  I started the engine just as he left.  The kids got home, walked up the driveway, said their hellos, went in for a snack, I pushed, pulled and moved and hauled and blew leaves off of every blade of grass...

Biff returned home.  I was still blowing the leaves.....Grace and T.J. had each given me a bottle of water....I downed each one in seconds. On a freezing cold day, I was sweating! I was hot. I was tired and still had aches from earlier this week.  Biff offered to take over at the helm....NO WAY! I had to finish what I started. I had in my mind what I could accomplish....after 3 refills of 3 Monday....and  3 Sunday! Now that's plenty of leaves, considering we also had Biff raking side by side with Grace and T.J.

I had to finish. I had my route planned. I couldn't be interrupted. Finally, the third tank ran out of gas. So did I.  That's when I came inside. I sat down. EXHAUSTED. Stared. Blank stared. Picked up laptop and began checking E-bay...that's when I realized I might have been obsessed.

The leaf clean up was incredibly was something I could control.  Probably the only thing that I could control the gas ran out.....I was IN CHARGE! If it was to be, it was up to me. I like that expression. It's really a great way to live. BUT, it doesn't always work out quite that way. Before I get obsessed with one more thing.... in the blog.....I'd better go. I have no control of the fact that I'm EXHAUSTED. Good night. Uh Oh. Good morning.

One more thing......That tree up above....not this year. We could not get the tree until the leaves were gone. So that was my motivation. Grace and T.J. had some friends over tonight, with some of our neighbors for our annual Gingerbread Gathering....candy and Gingerbread kits.....and cookies....1/2 hour after collapsing on the chair....all of the kids began arriving....gotta keep going. We had a to follow.

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