Monday, December 27, 2010


Peace. Quiet. Comfort. All throughout the house. What a wonderful day. I don't remember feeling this peace in quite some time. Yes, I live peacefully. I appreciate having the quiet moments all of the time. We live in a peaceful home. Yet....right at the this minute....I feel as though I have nowhere to be, no pressure to get done, no time constraints, no one left unattended.

Sure, there is plenty to do and there are lots of places to go....but it is a delight not to have to do or be going. That doesn't happen too often no matter how balanced my life may be! Obligations. Discipline. Appointments. Responsibilies. Deadlines. These make life just a tad more busy.
Many times, during a quiet moment on those busy days, I enjoy the time but feel the clock ticking and have the feeling of something or someone waiting....for me.

Just some of the things that need attending:

dust bunnies
dog walk
clean...never ending
e-bay follow up
post office
time for friends
Biff time
volunteer meetings
house outside
Projects I want to do

That's the tip of the iceberg. Not any one thing is a chore. It's just lots of little things. Yes, I do keep lists. Yes, I misplace lists. Thankfully, I'm not alone. Biff called from the grocery store the other day to ask me to review the list....on the refrigerator!

So, excuse me if I end this now. I have to get back to my peace and quiet with no strings attached. I wish you the peace of Christmas.

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