Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bunker Hill

Still. Since the quiz show ran a bit late, we did not go to The Museum of Science as we had planned soooooooo we took a spin from the pbs station across the Charles River, around Harvard, Radcliffe, MIT and Charlestown. Biff and I decided that we were doing a drive-by history tour. We had wonderful conversation and lots of fun. 

As I drove up the narrow street that led directly to Bunker Hill, I had a flashback to my grammar school days and my visit to Bunker Hill with mom and Grandma....we drove by while mom recited the midnight ride of Paul Revere....or the bits and pieces she could pull together. 

At that moment, I realized that mom and Grandma had only done the drive-by too. I instantly became determined to park the car, walk up the steps to this National Park and take in some good old historical plaques.

NOPE! Parking possibilities were less than ideal with snow and slush everywhere so.... as we sat in the double parked car, I ordered my family to get out of the car, walk up the steps and gather intelligent historical information to retain for the rest of their American lives. I told them to read everything. It was their mission. They WOULD NOT have the drive-by that had been my history lesson!

I did attempt to get a parking spot.....bad parking karma. I noticed the park ranger was just getting off duty for the day. late afternoon... That was when I knew the real hard truth....again, I would do the drive-by BUT our children would get more.....it would be better for them!

I circled Bunker Hill and didn't stop until I saw the whites of their eyes! They were less than thrilled but my conscience was clear!


Ahhhhhhhhhh. The library. One ofpokm my favorite places. Shhhhhhhhhhhh. The quiet is something I can count on and my head spins with delight at the rows and rows and rows of reading treasures. Today I stopped in to pay an overdue fee which was worthy of putting a new wing in with our family's name. After returning books, books on tape and a couple of videos, it was a treat to cozy up in one of the big cushy winged back chairs and read magazines to my heart's content! 

I have created a little challenge for myself in this rather new year. I am not buying magazines this year! I love magazines....lots of them....they foster my creativity and in general, they are filler with pretty people, places and things. But I don't need them filling up my tabletops.... while this newly begun magazine freeze has already been challenging at times.....like those spontaneous pickups at the grocery store.......and it's only February! 

I can admit this. I have a problem. I need serious help. I love to buy magazines. There are so many to choose from.They are my escape. With a cup of tea or coffee, I can sit and read, get inspired by colors or designs or artists and be swept into my own creative whirlwind!

Don't feel pity for me....I still have an annual Christmas gift subscription that's from an old friend , great selections when I'm at the hair salon or treating myself to a pedicure and the library!

It's only February .....I think it's possible to keep it up. Very much a habit....buying magazines for a little treat and a quiet moment......it sure seems like even more fun stopping into the library to leaf through my favorites. Sometimes I even bring a Starbucks just like old times!

Magazine Junkie

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