Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Congratulations!   Your request for tickets to The Nate Berkus Show has been granted & we are thrilled to have you join us! Please read the guidelines below to ensure your reservation. Print this and bring it with you. No physical tickets will be distributed until the day of taping.

Show Date:  THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 10th, 2011

Murphy's Law! You know this before your read any further.....I cant' go. As the plans were being made, calling friends to join me....I was invited with THREE friends.....very involved when you're friends are moms with all kinds of crazy schedules and kids(the kids aren't crazy....oh wait, many have teens so maybe they are!) and Biff's schedule......I learned that Biff's plans were not coordinating with mine. Business got in the way. Schedules got in the way. I think even I got in my own way!

That's that.  But....we could have guessed that as soon as I clicked on the date of the show!

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