Friday, February 4, 2011

Daisy and I Out For a Ride in the Car...

What fun we have when we're out on our own.....we have no leashes like we do when Fitz is with us. I don't have to straddle the groceries while driving and swat at her to keep her in the back....hopefully keeping her from eating our dinner for that night.
Daisy and I have our quality time and Fitz gets some quiet time at home. Daisy is so gentle, sweet, well behaved and nurturing. Fitz is a gentle soul with a need for speedy runaway time on the lookout for food at the neighbors' kitchens, garbage cans ....or in their cars if the doors are opened.

Without missing a beat, she has leapt into our neighbor's car, globbed up all of the loose Cheerios on the floor of the high end s.u.v. and dashed out the door to make an attempt at the little girl's Easter Basket....but my hero, Biff, intercepted and tackled the adorable beast to the ground. As for the little girl's mom who is terrified of dogs....she now drives her car directly into her dog free garage and doesn't get out of her car until the coast is clear!

Quality time with Daisy is just some time in the car with a good friend. You know that friend....the one you can talk to about or night....the friend who's always up for any adventure....the friend who listens to you through ups and Downs....the friend who will jump in the car for any road trip...the friend who makes you happy just because you know that she's there...a truly good friend...a loyal friend forever!

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