Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Today, I had the pleasure of stopping by my favorite farm, Ashlawn Farm in Old Lyme, Ct. As I drove away with a fresh Farm Blend Coffee and.....a danish.....I really do my best to steer clear of those goodies but, today the danish seemed to call my name! Woohoo!  There was achorus calling to me because today Susan offered me a choice of scones, biscotti, danish or even cookies.

As I balanced my coffee cup on the railing of the deck, I stood a moment and found myself daydreamingof Ireland. I remembered being in Clare the morning after we arrived. My family and I.....the summer I turned 14. The colors and softness of the greens, the blues in the sky, even the light clouds with the sun working hard to push through.

It's St. Patrick's Day this week. I get those warm fuzzy family feelings at St. Patrick's Day. We have lots of St. Patrick's Day memories together. I had a few minutes with my hot coffee outside in the haze...and random sweet thoughts.

Growing up Irish.
Family Traditions.
Family Lore.
Family Stories.
Family Connections.
Family Memories.
Silly Irish Sayings
Singing Around The Piano
Silly Irish Superstitions

Random thoughts filled my head just because of this charming place. It's a special place. I stop in for coffee. I have no expectations except a fresh, hot cup of coffee and a friendly hello. I'm surprised time and again as I leave with my coffee..... consistently at the farm I find warm welcomes, kind words, interesting folks with fresh conversation or current events.. I never know who'll be there when I open the door after passing by the horses and goats. It's a like walking into another world where everyone just stops....for awhile. What a delightful way to stop and look at the world with a different perspective.

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