Monday, March 14, 2011


"The Bachelor".....Finally Monday nights can go back to normal. Brad chose Emily. Tears and sobs for Chantal...she fell in love with Brad, he didn't feel the love. I was shocked at his choice. I was sure it was Chantal. There. always seems to be a twist...kind of like real life.

This show has been crazy to watch. Ups, downs, whackos, sincere sweethearts and real people on a "reality TV show." Still, I've watched!.Some friends have watched along with me. We laugh

Jason & Molly
Ryan & Trista
Roberto & Allie
Brad & Emily????

Still in question... Brad & Emily. Isn't it funny that so many doubts and adjustments since the show ended months before airing tonight.

Isn't this the reality? Dealing with life in the real "real" world working things out, working toward compromise, dealing with personalities, logistics, work, bad hair days and all.

How can it be considered "reality" when their love blossoms on exotic islands, jungle habitat, fine foods and housekeepers, evening gowns and sparkling jewels?

I knew I loved Biff on one of our first dates.  He changed a tire for a couple when we realized they were totally inept. Love bursts in on the scene or taps us gently on the shoulder in the wildest ways....seeing and feeling the little things about someone. Not necessarily while all is flowing smoothly. That's the easy part.

Its the big and little challenges, the knowledge and security that my Biff will tell me when I have tomato sauce on my chin or lipstick on my teeth. That's reality and true love for me!

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