Saturday, March 26, 2011

Now We're Cooking!

Well, watching a cooking show at least. It's a great afternoon. T.J. and I are sitting in the family room...with dogs and cats, watching p.b.s. cooking shows and chatting. T.J. was up and out early for some high school lacrosse. Biff is out doing some clean up volunteering after the lacrosse event with some other high school parents. T.J. is impatiently waiting for Biff to return.

Sometimes I get the feeling that when I find a perfectly wonderful way to lay back, intentionally, not attempting to accomplish one more thing in or around the house......our children seem to have an urgent and pressing matter that can only be satisfied by parental support. Why? Because as much as things change, things will always be the same.

Oh well. The cooking shows are over. The garden show has begun....and NOW Biff is home. He's the only one who can handle the T.J. request. Phew!

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