Monday, March 7, 2011

Zumba Mama

Dog walk. Kids talk. Friends. Coming. Going. Driving. Zumba. Music. Dancing. Jumping. Sweating. Breathing. Water. Lots of water. Gulping. Walking. Talking. Driving. Grocery Store. Reality. Hungry. Shopping. Quickly. Groceries. Cell phone. Phone calls. Check out. Thank you. Thank you for packing. Out to car. Start car. Need heat. Chilly. Dark. Biff calls. Drive home. Kids. Dogs. Dinner. Dogs. Kids. Strawberries. One whole package. Lots of strawberries. Delicious. Biff. TV. Computer. Cats. Biff. Hair color! Desperate. We'll see. No gray. Wait. May be dark. Box said Golden Sunshine Blonde? OK? Maybe. Outside. Lasts for 28 shampoos. No roots. No gray. No hairdresser. Compromise. Yup.

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