Sunday, April 10, 2011

Coffee to go

Grace and I went shopping this afternoon. It took some time to get ready. I spent some time cleaning out the car....while the dogs were in it.

Car mats out. Candy wrappers tossed. Water bottles removed. Coffee cups out. I swept out the crumbs, fur and sand. My Dylan's Canidy Bar mug...I put on top of the car since it was full of coffee and didn't want Fitz to drink it. Any other spot...she'd get it. Only experience can teach some things.

After clearing the car, Grace pleaded with me to be the driver. I'm a good I was happy to give her the keys and the experience.

We drove for miles. We drove through town. We drove on the interstate. People smiled as they drove by. They waved. Friendly follks in Connecticut.

So many friendly faces. So many. That's when it hit me. Not literally. My mug! My Dylan's Candy Bar mug. On top of the car!

People waving. People smiling. People pointing. I calmy alerted my driver,Grace. Without panicking, she zipped off the next exit ramp. We both laughed for miles. And we laughed some more.

Ralph Lauren's daughter, Dylan. Preppy candy!! Candy heaven! Upper East Side, New York City. Rooms for private parties. We had a "Dylan's To Go" party in Connecticut. Oodles of candy and oodles of fun!

Today we drove off with a Dylan's Coffee Mug on the car! My 16 year old girl and I are still laughing....together! Really. Sometimes life is great!

Yellow Roses

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