Tuesday, April 26, 2011


It's midnight. Do you know where your animals are?

WAITING for Daisy, who's WAITING for Jinx. Daisy let out the bark...the "let me out to get Jinx" bark. One woof. One abbreviated woof. That's it. She's out.

It's a lovely mild night. That's why we're still WAITING for Jinx.

Daisy's sitting quietly outside. WAITING. WAITING. WAITING.

Then I hear the call of the wild. One abbreviated woof. That's when it's time for me to jump. They're WAITING. Looking. LOOKING! I can see Jinx's white teeth in the dark. Now they're ready. Phew! I'm tired. I opened the door and they trotted in side by side. Jinx got his midnight snack. Daisy is looking at me. LOOKING at me. She's WAITING for me.

WAIT a minute. She's tiptoe(paw)ing up the stairs. Hey! WAIT a minute. WAIT for me! Now Fitzy is snoring.

I'm finally going upstairs too. It's taken so long to round up the critters that Biff will probably be snoring too.

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