Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ashlaen Farm Coffee, Old Lyme, Ct

Here in Connecticut it's a treasure to have a family run farm reinvented by roasting coffee, serving it fresh in the small coffee bar right there at the farm. What a step back in time..a real niche for locals to meet and swap stories, coo at new babies, keep up on local news and events.

Always greeted with smiles, a warm hello and immediate attention to the business at hand....putting a cup of steaming hot coffee in my hand.

It's the people, the place and the atmosphere...horses and random farm animals outside add to the peaceful, natural beauty while the interesting and friendly people that make it all a pleasure. I stop in for just a moment to get a morning jolt and ironically stopping at the farm gives is a little treasure....slowing down! For a mom, that's a good thing!

Do you have a favorite place that slows you down or gives you peace?

Cuddle Kitten

It's been a busy day. Finally I mademo it home between the raindrops and downpours....I took a moment to flop on the plumped up couch while reading my emails....suddenly Boo appeared and as if calling to me with a trill so I was aware he was ready to pounce, get some cozy time while nestling into my arm, settling in, purring and falling asleep. He was so sweet, stretching across my arm, I took those minutes to enjoy the quiet and his warmth on such a damp day.

Grace and T.J. arrived home from school just as my arm began falling asleep....funny because they don't think I do anything while they're at school. Now they have proof. Bon Bon mom!

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