Sunday, May 8, 2011

Breakfast In Bed

Yes it's true! Breakfast in bed. The all time number one Mother's Day dream come true. Sort of. Kind of. Maybe. Almost.

As Biff entered the bedroom followed by Grace and T.J., he and I gave each other a knowing nod.

It was a sweet moment. Here we are all together on the morning of the day we all celebrate our mothers....a day created by Hallmark. A day of forced loving and giving...ahhh....a lovely spring day created for the moms of America...that causes more stress than a house full of monkeys!. The right card from Hallmark, the perfect Zales diamond gift, perky flowers from FTD and dinner out with the whole family at Red Lobster or Olive least, that's what the commercials suggest.

As the kids get older, their enthusiasm fades for the precious attempt to serve the ultimate surprise for mom, waking up early for the kitchen whirlwind of adventure making burnt toast slathered with butter and gobs of jam....lukewarm coffee with grounds clinging to the perimeter of the mug, a wilted flower yanked from the garden placed in the most treasured wedding gift handed down for generations..... hand colored cards on construction paper with giant hearts and misspelled words...all on an unsteady tray....hopefully all with supervision of their dad, overtired and overwhelmed by the sunrise surprise party for mom. The reality for most moms I a very strained day...since the commercials have insisted that good children in nice families are publicly displaying their love and affection...dammit!

Teenagers would most likely prefer sleep rather than saccharin smiles so early in the day but they know the drill by they rolled out of bed for their required performance.

We all laugh at ourselves. Its clear that dad pulled it together while the kids caught a couple more winks. We take a few moments sitting in the tousled comforters to look back at so many other magical Mother's Days. I look at our family...squished I sip my lukewarm coffee and bite my burnt toast....and I couldn't be happier. This is my new magic! The burnt toast couldn't be better. I'm so grateful to be s so blessed as a mom.

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