Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dreams Do Come True

Make a list. Write down your hopes and dreams. Be specific. Who you dream to be...not career(save that for another day. too many folks think of themselves as their work title...who cares? its a title-a job...not who you are!) just you as a're the only one who matters for this list!

1. Who do you want to be? What kind of person do you want to be?

2. Where do you want to be living? house? condo? beach? lake? neighborhood? country? city?

3. What is your style that you envision? a. Personal style details. b. decorating

4. Imagine the people in your life...who will be there? how close will you be to family?

5. Dogs? Cats?

6. Friends? New love? More children?

7. Health...imagine good health. Happy. Taking good care of yourself. Healthy, inside and out. Write down details.

8. Lifestyle? Interests? Going back to school? Art class. Cooking class? Volunteering? Teaching?

9. Money? Big bank accounts? Real estate? How will you handle your money. Will you have extra earnings coming in? Will you have your own business, sell your art or talent at craft fairs, country farmers markets? Will you be in an office, at home? Traveling?

10. You...overall picture of you? How you live. Draw it...all of color! Or cut out pictures from magazines..tape them on a posterboard.

Sound crazy? Nope. I'm living in the house I imagined ...almost everything here was on my list. Really! I'm married to the guy I imagined...all of the qualities I dreamed to find in a guy....swear! I only wrote the positive qualities that I wanted. Not a creepy list...just a list of what I knew I needed in a guy....a good guy for me! my kind of guy! I'd share my list but you need your very own!

Oh...did I mention we had a dream list of kids? We never could have imagined the love we feel for our children...but we could make a list of what we want to be as parents and what is important to/for our family. We have it on a list...the list keeps growing and changing. Guess what? Much of our list has come to be. I'm grateful. Write your list!

By dating, I learned what I liked and what was totally unacceptable. Simply the good....that I realized over time... good that mattered. Some things I learned by seeing the good in other relationships or what I loved in my own relationships..however fleeting or deep! Basically, positives. Negatived turned around into positives.

It's simple. Simply, this spells out what matters. Only to you. Do it. Try it. It's amazing. Biff and I still have our list of what we wanted in a house's amazing!

Oh! Did I mention that I told my oldest friend about my "Biff list" ...she was amazed...and single. A couple of years later she called to tell me she was getting married. Her fiancé had everything on her list! Yup. She wrote her list. She's still happily married!

Write your list. Tuck it away. You will find your list again someday ...and it's likely you'll be living the life you imagined!

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