Thursday, May 5, 2011

Memories Matter

I like this. Isn't it good to let things go sometimes? Have a day just doing what pleasures you. Maybe making your bed pleasures you. Maybe the thrill is gone!

Mother's Day is upon us. Maybe this is the time to let things go ...if only for a day. If you are a mom, take a moment to enjoy something you love. Treat yourself.

Visit an art museum. Go to a public garden or a nursery. How about a fabric store? Shop in an upscale grocery store. Maybe you're like me and the beach and the ocean are your heaven.

Give something like this to yourself this weekend. Give a day like this to your mom...take time together. Spend some time like this with your grown children...time together. With little kids, take some time doing something that's easy and fun...not stressful for you.

One of my favorite Mother's Days, we all took my mom to our favorite carousel...Biff, Grace, T.J. and me got mom to ride with WAS a mother's day we all remember! My mom....about 75 years young...I'm pretty sure she did it for her grandchildren. Maybe she took the ride just because she was asked! Sometimes all it takes is an invite!

Another dream mother's day, I was served breakfast in bed by T.J. and Grace...with an envelope. It was family membership to our favorite CT. art museum! We all went that day...we all painted en plen air...buckets of water, brushes, paints canvas' and oversized button down shirts.
Magical. Fun for all of us.

It's a gift when we let go of routines and "have" to-do lists.Pencil yourself in for your time. Click on your iphone app...for you and your very own schedule! Take time. Make time to make memories.

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