Monday, May 16, 2011

Forgot The List

As I skipped throughout the aisles at the grocery store, hunting and gathering dinner, I made it throught the fruits and veggies before it hit me. The list! I forgot the list. Again.

There I was smack in the middle of the meat department with no idea what to make for dinner The meat department is not usually my kind of place to linger but I have been working on my Becky Home Becky cooking. It's not that I can't's just that I've been boiling water and tossing in a different pasta every night....for years! Dinnertime is challenging...although pasta works with many dishes.

Grace is 16...her meal of choice is still pasta...white pasta. Peas or frozen Lima beans. Thankfully, T.J. has branched out in his Epicurean delights...although he doesn't eat peas...or frozen lima beans....or oatmeal, another staple in Grace's culinary repertoire.

Try not to judge...we all have to pick our own battles. Yours may not be food may be school...or hair....or clothing...or friends...or homework....the battles go on and on. I didn't eat lasagna until college because I didn't like the name...the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. By the way, Grace and T.J. both like apples.

Yes, we are an odd bunch. Speaking of bunches, bananas were one of Grace's favorite fruits...until they weren't. T.J. still likes banana. Both kids liked meatloaf...until one day at age 4 when Grace stopped liking meatloaf...and every meat. T.J. likes a variety of meats. Grace doesn't eat sandwiches. Or jelly. Yes for peanut butter on Ritz crackers. T.J. likes sandwiches. They both like waffles. Grace loves scrambled eggs...You guessed it....T.J. not so much. They both like cereal...Cracklin' Oat Bran yes...Grace doesn't care for Cheerios...T.J. does. They both like clementines, oranges, grapes, melons and strawberries. Raisins for.T.J, not for Grace.

Funny, I guess I should have made a fruit salad for dinner. Don't say're thinking we're a bunch of fruits. Yup...maybe even mixed up. It makes life interesting.

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