Saturday, May 7, 2011

It's Like Money In The Bank!

Grace had plenty on her agenda today HOWEVER sometimes her teenage agenda is all about most teenagers. When I stopped her from spouting out her list of "needs" and "have to's" in order to hear my list of things to do.... she was bothered when my agenda included work. Parents always ruin everything. I hate when that happens.

After some further "discussion" I "suggested" she come with me to walk Daisy....just Daisy. I took Grace hostage so we could take time to get things sorted out...plans...needs...wants...demands. Hostage negotiations...sort of!

I'd like to say we went skipping down the lane together
but no. She pouted a bit. I ignored that and talked to Daisy, our great mediator. I decided to show Grace one of my favorite walks, with the beach as our destination.

It worked! We walked and talked and life got better...for both of us. One thing for sure, Grace is fun to be with...even if I'm not her first choice to pal around with. I'm happy for least, I'm happy it's normal! I'd also be happy if it was more like the Cleaver's...I keep trying to remind myself that real life isn't The Brady Bunch, The Walton's or Father Knows Best! The Adam's Family, maybe!

We arrived at the beach and saw someone from sailing...the little sister of a friend. We all chatted, through sticks for Daisy, they walked the beach and collected sea was delightful. We all left the beach together.

As my mom always said, it's so good to get up and out in your town, seeing people you's like money in the bank! Time spent with our kids at the beach is like money in the bank too. I remember a little old woman stopped Biff and I after church to tell us how beautiful our babies were....she said,"oh my what a beautiful family! You have a boy and a girl! You have it're millionnares!" Ain't that'd the truth! My time spent with Grace...priceless.

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