Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Morning Post Mother's Day Moms Coffee

All of the goodies are on the table. Strawberries, grapes, crumb cake, croissants, sugar, milk, juices, sparkling water ...and it's time to make the coffee. The fresh grounds are on the counter next to the Keurig Coffee easy. Friends will be arriving anytime after 9. It's time for my coffee...I'll have that in hand so noone has to wait for their morning jolt. My coffee with a splash of milk is perfect.

Mari arrives...big hellos and hugs! We haven't seen each other in ages. I find a spot on the windowsill for the Aloe Vera plant Mari brought.

Prepare the Keurig for Mari's morning wake up call. We talk while we wait...patiently. We have lots to catch up on. Hmmmm. Her cup is half full....literally ....and metaphorically!

Half full coffee in the morning in a coffee drinker's world is definitely half empty. We panic.We laugh. The Keurig? The fancy pants coffee machine? NO! Let me get this straight. I've invited a million moms for coffee...alright, maybe 10 or so.....and I have NO working coffee maker! Giggling ensues.

Thankfully, I've invited my neighbor over too. She's home all morning and planning to come. I call her. Hi...remember how I invited you for a little Monday morning post Mother's Day coffee? Yes. Would you have a coffee maker that I can use? Yippee! You saved the day! GOOD MORNING MOMS. Mom's can handle anything!

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