Sunday, May 1, 2011

Queen For A Day Or A Lifetime?

This is going wild in Queen Elizabeth's style handbook! I was happy that she made such a bold choice of ensembles for her grandson's wedding day. It would seem, wearing a color so bright, she is one very happy grandma. Style may not be her strong point but I give her credit for her tailored consistency over the years ...even with the handbags.

I may have some fun with her Highness's wardrobe but she is truly a woman who has aged well! All of her little hats have certainly kept her skin from aging. Her eyes and her smile are so warm. She's been blessed to age with a distinguished head of white hair, so distinguished. Her understated 3 strands of pearls were perfect as she certainly could have pulled out the stops to wear something grand and sparkly. She is surely a lady.

A friend and I were discussing the big day..she and I had seen the last royal wedding together. We laughed about the hats and welaughed that we both questioned the same people.

1. we thought Camilla looked ok.....perhaps matronly
2. Tasteful Mrs. Middleton
3. Fergie's daughters looked like Cinderella's stepsisters.
4. During the ceremony, we could see their hats poking out from behind the queen. Beatrice and Eugenia's hats stood like hotels in the backround!
5. Primeminister Cameron's wife wore no hat... instead she work clips. Really? if royal wedding isn't worthy of a new dress and hat...what is?
6. Wife of Dianna's brother had a pretty pink hat with the widest brim we've ever seen! We couldn't see her face...we both acknowledged that if we were at a royal wedding, we wouldn't want to be hidden under the hat...or want to miss a thing because of it.
7. Crazy Princess Margaret with crazy purple hat and suit was worse
8. Some of the royal family relatives had to ride in motor coaches! imagine being true royals, but not important enough for the Rolls? Ooh family drama begins!
9. We. both miss my mom at times like this because we'd have. so much fun discussing. the clothes and people with her!
10. Loved seeing Elton john singing church hymn. That would have been great to sit near him and hear him. belt it out!

*** 1 more comment came to me via text during one of the hymns..."I. don't mean to be irreverent but isn't this reminiscent of Monte python?"

OK...maybe I wouldn't make it as Queen for a day or a lifetime...I could barely make it through the wedding ceremony!

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