Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sun, Sun, Sun, Here We Come

Wow! Waking up to sunshine is a delight. I feel a bounce in my step again! I feel blessed to have the energy to take on any little thing that comes my way. Most days. I especially appreciate this since my "hypothyroid" slowed me down...before I was aware of this common 40 something occurrence in my body. Slow was not a speed I was too familiar with.

Slow. Sleepy. Lethargic. Like swimming through seaweed. Was it depression? Certainly there were many life illnesses... big life changes that could have made that a consideration. How could that have been a possibility when l was given so many blessings for which I was most grateful. Depression isn't a flaw. It's not about grateful vs. ungrateful after all. It's chemistry.

So many things to consider when a body isn't performing at top speed! As a mom, we don't always take the time to stop and listen to our body and it's signals. Its not convenient. We have so many others to look out for.

My body finally called out. I was even becoming clumsy. That was what stopped me in my tracks....quite literally. I fell off Biff's bike(too tall) and hit my a blood test showed low thyroid which explained so much!

The change was incredible once I began taking my thyroid supplement. My energy level slowly returned. I felt like me again!

The sun is out today after weeks of very gray days! Those gray days had me it me? Why do I feel so slow and tired? Guess what? I think the weather was taking a toll on many of us. Today is a new day with brightness and the energy all over seems better. Phew! I'm. off for a good long walk with the usual, but with sunshine! And T.J. Oh. Did I forget to mention he was feeling under the weather today? He stayed home from school. I'm getting him out in the sunshine too, sore throat or not. The sunshine is healing....for everyone!

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