Wednesday, May 25, 2011

To Do

I know. I know. A place for everything and everything in it's place, as mom used to say. The lawn was just mowed. the lawn. I went outside with the dogs tonight ...we have a light out in the backyard... it's in needs a new bulb. It's been out for awhile now.

Life gets busy. When we enter the house in daylight, we don't think of replacing the light. When we come home in the dark, it's not a good time to replace the bulb. I suppose other people might write it on a to do list. By the time I get inside I'm on to the next, kitties,dogs, groceries, dinner.

Tonight, I took the dogs out ...very dark...tripped over the lawn mower...walked into the front... fell over the flat motor in the front and kept going until i hit the push handle with my forehead and landed on the pushing handle...with the motor tipped up in the air behind feet up in the air and out of my clogs .

It happened so hurt so surprised was late...i was alone. Then I realized Daisy and Fitzy were standing by me...more confused than me! I told them what happened, my frustration, my hurts....they listened. I felt better.

Head Over Heels For The Lawnmower

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