Sunday, July 4, 2010

it's that time again!  we 1ove it there...and my 1ove for the cape goes backas far as i can remember....thanks to my massachusetts yankee puritan ethic mom!  i have so many good memories on the cape with my grandma and my mom and fami1y and friends and our fami1y...biff and i and our very own fami1y memories and our memories we share with a11 of the specia1 peop1e we share our cape memories with.....thankfu1.  and we're off making new memories...

yesterday is history.
tomorrow is a mystery.
that's why they ca11 today a present!  enjoy today!  1ove!  share the joy! 
choose random acts of kindness!  1ive.  smi1e.  1augh!

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Kathy said...

Yes, Cape Cod is a wonderful place. I've actually been there several times because I lived and worked in Boston when I finished college in 1972. But -- New England was too far away from my own family and memories, so I came back to the Pacific Inland Empire.