Tuesday, July 20, 2010


well, what can i say? summer is my favorite time of year!  one thing for sure....it's a time when we really take care of our bodies.  we eat healthier...fresh fruits and vegetables and lots of water!  we moisturize with a variety of sun blocks. we take glorious outdoor showers with wonderful shampoos and conditioners and follow with aloe vera!  we spend most of our days outdoors..very much a part of nature..we're not as wrapped up and covered....we are in summer with all of our senses right down to our toes!  literally. 

it's different spending our days outdoors in the summer!  we have time to take it all in .....slowly.  we are comfortable in summer heat...we know their is refuge....the cool breeze at the beach! just the splash of the water can cool us down or the plunge of a dive into a giant curl of a spectacular wave can blast of exhilaration!

when nights are cool or damp we have the cozy comfort of sweatshirts, quiet time with good books or hilarity over board games....it's the stuff dreams are made of!

now, i must get to bed with a book....we've just gotten back from the book store....that was after a perfect dinner with laughter....that was after swimming and antics down at the beach....that followed tie dye tee shirt time(an annual ritual shared by all of the kids and all of the adults....it's turned into a regular world class competition!)....which was followed by blueberry picking.....oh, i barely remember what was before lunch today.  that's a vacation.  most of all, we're all here with people who know us as well as we   know ourselves and we make each other at home and best of all....we make each other laugh and laugh at ourselves!


what fun we're all having...i haven't even gotten to share the funny stories and people we've encountered along the way!
oh my! there's not enough time...i've even been selling my e-bay! today i mailed out some pink topsiders that were "N.I.B"...new in box! i bought them and realized i just don't need them! *POOF!* 
sold to the highest bidder! i mailed them out this afternoon...between tie dyes and bl ueberries!! don't i sound earthy crunchy! NOT quite...i was wearing lilly!  

wishing you sunshine wherever you are! 

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