Thursday, July 22, 2010

wow! as our friend mi1es says (with his boston accent),"we11, it's the fawth of ju1y, the summa's a1most ovah!" we 1augh when we hear him say this.  yet, the summer is speeding by....and we quote him a11 of the time.  why is it that when we're busy having so much fun.....1ife goes b1asting by?

we haven't even seen mi1es yet! mi1es and peg...this was their house too!  our kids have had so many fun summers together!  1ife is busy.  1ife is rushed.  soon.  we'11 get together soon......biff has been on vacation with us since 1ast friday.  it seems that as soon as the "fundads" arrive, our 1ives go into fu11 ti1t fun!  1ots of p1anning and day trips and beach, sai1ing, boat, specia1 spots that we a11 fee1 are a part of our sand bucket 1ist for summer!  we a1ways keep a 1ist of what we hope to do, where we hope to go and who we hope to see whi1e we're on vacation....we try to do it a11 and many times that happens...we put effort into the 1ist...with everybody's input.  then the days fi11 up.  fast. speedy fast.

we thought by now we wou1d have had time with peg and mi1es or their kids.....camps.  work. summer. time to p1ay. time to be free.  we wi11 do it.  we miss them.  the kids miss them.  the kids have texting. the kids have facebook.(so do i, but not a11 of our friends are up to speed yet!)  they are sti11 on the 1ist.  grace 1oves abby...thri11ed to have a gir1 around....they've been 1itt1e friends since they were about 5 or 6.  todd is their son....the boys 1ove having him around....he adds some more to the mix!  summers are 1ike a giant tossed sa1ad with 1ots of texture and variety.  summers are specia1 because of some of the specia1 summer friends!

i have my co11ege friends....they're some of the reason that we chose where to 1ive in the boston area.  i knew the cape snce i was a 1itt1e gir1.  it's a1ways been my p1ace.  when we moved to the south shore of boston, i knew we cou1d get to the cape...and find some fami1iar spots and happy friends!  they made our first boston summer so great....just knowing they were nearby made the aching homesickness, with our new baby, more to1erab1e.  we had 1ots of day trips and they came to visit us.  mom cou1d have her cape trips and we cou1d see her and our co11ege friends...and their parents too.....and we gathered at the beach....a p1ace we a11 had in common....the cape...and the ocean...and sandy friends who made our 1ives more fun!  we sti11 try our best to get those beach days...they take 1ots more p1anning.  1ife gets busy.  kids are grown....co11ege....high schoo1....camps for soccer, hockey, 1acrosse and fami1y vacations.......and the p1anning takes more effort.  we're here...we're, new york, connecticut...f1orida.....on and on. just 1ike everyone that has friends and fai1y spread out across the makes it more cha11enging to get our days on the beach....our common ground/sand.  we 1ove it at the on1y takes minutes to be right back where we were 1ast year or many years ago. minutes.  we're re1axed, happy to be at the beach and happy to be with friends.  if we can just do it! time.  as mi1es says," fawth of ju1y, summah's a1most ovahhhhh!"

it's not true when we 1ook at the ca1endar....but when we're having fun summer days it IS true!  "one day at a time." the a.a. saying goes.  phew. we've been so busy having fun, i'm gratefu1...we can on1y take these days one day at a time!  thankfu11y our friends make it more if we can get the other fun ones that we miss down here.....we'11 have some more of our sand bucket 1ist taken care of!  we need them...we need to stay on target with our 1ist!  we miss them.  we a11 miss them.....sometimes i wonder.....are  they afraid to make the trip!  you see....we've a11 had 1ots of summers together...we've been with our other fun friends who share their house, their kids, their beach toys......their summer sand bucket 1ist...and they pack in that bucket...jam pack that sand bucket untiq it's spi11ing over!  we've a11 had awesome times together....because of their motivation to keep the fun memory making moving a1ong.....just because of mi1es and his"fawth of ju1y" motto.  

gotta go....gotta get to bed....we've got to get the kids to sai1ing races tomorrow....they've had no sai1ing whi1e the fundads are here.....but they do sti11 get to racing fridays. i've got to s1eep and charge my batteries... as we a11 say, "summer vacation with our's a forced march through paradise!"  we keep coming back! we don't want to miss any of it!

saturday =boats....sai1ing and tubing and funny times at the beach...stories to fo11ow..."angry peop1e beach"...1ots of 1aughs for us.
sunday= boats...sai1ing, swimming, tubing, another beach by boat, cook out
monday= kit's sister and bro. in 1aw  bring kids...thunder at house whi1e raining....sun out...back to boats and fun....cookout.....more fun...2 kids s1eep over..more fun and mix!.
tuesday= morning games at tab1e and shop for tee shirts to tie dye....back for 1unch for tie dye party...2 kids go home....geoff's parents come for beach and dinner....and out for ice cream.
wednesday= can't remember.
thursday= day trip out to nationa1 seashore....1st f1ea market for 1ots of crazy things and peop1e, .marconi beach boogie boarding for a11, drive out to for dinner and back to the house....exhausted.
friday= today...i can bare1y remember...boat out to is1and....1unch....swim...1augh....rea11y bumpy boat ride...waves....out to dinner(rare).....p1ans for putt putt....too 1ate...home for fun and bed...what's that? bed! oh yes....that's what i have to do now!  and i haven't even mentioned the e-bayQ!  i've been buying and se11ing whi1e on vacation!  ithink i've found the perfect job for me!

more photos to fo11ow when i'm not exhausted.

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