Monday, January 31, 2011

Claire's Snowman

My niece just texted this photo to me. She built this enormous snowman on Sunday. We chatted on facebook tonight. I asked her to post her snowman on facebook.

My niece is 26. I love her spirit. I always have. She has always been a gift in my life. My niece Claire taught me to get outside of myself.....when I was in my twenties......and relatively self involved.

Claire changed me. She was the first person in my family who was younger than me. She showed me the world....through the sweet innocence of a child. Her world changed mine.

Children have that kind of power! They have power they are unaware is magnificent power. Love. Sweet. Gentle. Pure. With no expectations. More of a gift! Unaware of their power, they smile at us or tell us a story...and we are captured by them....and their world.

Now Claire is in her twenties. I'm delighted to see her spirit as I know it. Sweet. I'm tickled that she texted her snowman to me. Did I ever tell you that she texts me a photo of her Christmas tree every year? After it's decorated. I love her spirit! And I love my connection with my twenty something niece ......she is a gift in my life.

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