Monday, January 31, 2011

Here we go again.....

More milk. Again. Snow. Lots more snow. Lots and lots more snow. It's o.k. with me. I love it...still. I love that it snows and it slows us down. We all need to be slowed dowan from time to time...if we don't slow down for ourselves, it seems something beyomd our control helps is to slow down. Weather, feeling under the weather, a car won't start or a repairman takes forever to arrive.... that's my signal. Slow down.signals. Not everyone sees them because of life's busyness. Sometimes there are su tle signs. Do you look for them? Do you notice? Slow down. Look at things differently today. Look for signs from above. Be aware of people's they sound familiar...have you heard them before? Is there something you've heard again and again.....but you haven't listened. Shhhhhhh. Quiet. Stop. Look. Listen. Take time to slow down and be still. Still enough. See what happens. Slow down.

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