Thursday, February 17, 2011

Greetings From Sunny Connecticut?

It's not quite tropical but it's still the beach...with sunshine, seashells, sand, seagulls, sea grass and the Long Island Sound! Today the beach was delightful. The dogs frolicked while I walked along the shoreline taking in the sun and the scenery. The beach was people dogs. I love when it's just me and my dogs. It's peaceful. I had time to wander along the beach, playing with the dogs, taking in the colors of the grass, t he shells, rocks, sand and textures. Dreams of warmer days danced through my head! Those days aren't far off. We may have more snow to come this winter. Today much of the snow has melted down at the gave me hope. Spring isn't too far off. I love each season but it's still exciting as the upcoming season approaches. And any day at the beach is a good day for me.....and Daisy and Fitz!

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