Thursday, February 17, 2011

Who's Happier Than Me?

Daisy and Fitz! Joy! Beach sniffing the scents that have been covered by snow and ice for months! Just as the sunny and somewhat milder day was a pleasure for me, I could sense their pleasure in pursuing plenty of uncovered beachy smells...not necessarily the same scents I would choose.

Daisy always takes a dip, rolls in the sand or some stinky old horseshoe crab or clam shell that the seagulls haven't snacked on yet while Fitz dances through the grass in the dunes.

Fitz loves her snacks...she finds them everywhere. Today she found a bag of potato chips...half full. I think she's going to be thirsty later.

Yesterday she got one candy cane....I was kind of happy about that....her dog breath was lovely. That was just one perk of her piggy-ness!

A Daisy Dip

And They're Off

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