Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fun and Funny!

Lots of ebay to sell! Once again, I marvel about the ebay customers, what they order and where they live! London? Why not just go to Marks and Spencer or Harrods? Nope. Ebay.  Funny to me.

T.J. is thrilled that he has sold his Abercrombie shirt. He is hungry to make his own money.  I like that. I hope it's not just a phase. The money seems to motivate. He also gave me some boots to sell.  They sold too. O.K. The shirt went to Brazil? Funny.  The boots need to go to Canada!

You just never know. I love to shop. But, really. I still find it all so amazing that someone wants to buy my teenager's boots! Think about it. Teenage boy. Feet. Boots. Really? Go figure, I can't.

I can understand the Coach shoes that are listed right now. I do relate to the Lilly Pulitzer dress, NWT, New With Tags.  Maybe, pre-owned. It's a dress. It can be dry cleaned or washed. Go figure.

I know the dinnerware, antiques and new clothing is something people love to buy. Still, other things amaze me. Not because I judge. Because it's the world we live in. Who knew that little Elvis pitcher would sell. Who expected the Brooks Brothers Madras Patchwork Pants would sell? Well, that really didn't surprise me....but, sending them to Las Vegas did....oxymoron.

Life is funny...and selling on e-bay is lots of fun for me. 

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