Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sunshine, Steeples and Silence

I was moved by the spectacular scenep as I sat today waiting for Grace. The blue sky, the sunny day, the church steeples, the American flag, the sparkling snow blanketing the green......and that was it. No marching band or angels was just beautiful. 

With so much on any mom's to-do list, it's always a surprise to realize Right where we are is magic. Today, waiting in the passenger seat for Grace....who was chomping at the bit to return to the driver's seat in order to do some more driving.

While sitting on the sunny side, with my window open, I made a conscious choice to the quiet. It wasn't very long before Grace appeared at.the door.

I was relaxed, rested and ready to let go and live in the fast lane....with my daughter at the wheel! We're in a whole new phase of our mother/ daughter relationship!!!!! Push/pull. Stop/ Go. Stop/ start. Steady we go.....slowly...carefully ....cautiously... 

Throughout these teen years...thar's all we can do. Watch. Offer advice and suggestions...quietly and carefully. Give feedback. Offer constructive criticism and hope it's taken the right way. Keep trying to stay calm, cool and collected.......even when I want to shout, "STOP!"

It's been that way since we've had children. We can't do it all for them. We can only teach them, guide them and trust them to do the right thing!

Or...I could do what my friend Catherine's mom did.... I could put my feet up on the dashboard and scream Grace's name with my head hidden between knees! It might be rather effective! Certainly no quiet... but effective!

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