Monday, March 21, 2011

Only One Mom

It's only been a few days...close to a week. Biff has had business out of town. No need to review all of the things that have gone a little topsy turvy since he pulled out of the driveway. No need to mention that we were all sick. No need. It might make me cry. Instead, I think it's time to laugh.

Biff is always missed when he travels.... for one night or three. Some friends say "Now that the kids are older, it's much easier when your husband travels" Some women say, "Oh, I love when my husband gives me some time to myself" Easy for them to say...that's all I say.

I'm only one person!

1. Toddler voices talking non-stop, not a grown up conversation to be had without interruption
2. Toddlers tossing cookies with no maintenence man to help me through the gagging.
3. Toddlers tantrums with no one to acknowledge that I hadn't beat my children, it was just a lollipop.
4. The only adult in the house with me was "Mr.Rogers"
5. Bath, Book, Bed Cozy time and tucking the little ones in bed.

1. Teenage voices talking and telling me why "it's not fair that  ___________"
2. Teenagers, with flu-like symptoms practically ringing a bell to have popsicles, water delivered to them
3. Teenagers randomly stomping off because of something I've said...leaving me confused.
4.  The only adult in the house with me is via computer or cell phone.
5. Time for bed and gathering/prying away computers, cell phones, i-Pods  and all forms of technology.


Strange...some things never change. Biff and I always laugh because people say things like, "Oh....poor does he do it? Travel is so exhausting." Ha.Ha.Ha.Ha.Ha.Ha.Ha. 

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