Monday, March 21, 2011

Sleep. Lots of sleep. Just what I needed. Rude awakening. After rolling out from under the soft lumpy down comforters, making the bed, pulling on some lazy day clothes and walking down the stairs, I found my children awake...and also unwell. But they were managing to go about their morning routine just fine. With a mother unconscious in bed, some things went by the wayside. Just a few.....Consciousness became a necessity! 1. Take dogs,who were sitting with their legs crossed,waiting to go out. 2. Feed dogs 3. Feed cats, who were circling my ankles and singing my praises 4. Take out garbage 5. Kitty litter out to garbage 6. Prepare garbage cans for pickup 7. Call sweet, exhausted and sick children to empty dish washer 8. Clear breakfast cereal bowls from sink...into dishwasher. 9. Carry clean laundry upstairs 10. Carry dirty laundry downstairs. Well, that was worth the extra sleep! Another day in paradise. Tomorrow Grace and T.J. go back to school. Maybe I can play catch-up in paradise. Or collapse....after I get the rest of the laundry out of the dryer.

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