Saturday, May 8, 2010

happy mother's day!  i hope that you are all pampered on your day!

 do something surprising and fun for your mother.  treat yourself to something special...even if it's a new flavor tea or coffee or magazine 


or a bubble bath 


or a nap or a walk with someone you love 


or a walk alone or time to sit and just daydream or make a list of all of the people you love or write a list of all of the people who have sprinkled their love on you throughout your life 

or  go to a museum live or online or buy yourself flowers 


or take time to blow bubbles 

or call someone you love and miss!

or rent a chick flick alone 



or celebrate your day  with family or all on your own! 


eat bon bons! or just hershey's!

whatever you do, make this day your own to be thankful....for the family you have....your kids who call you mom....your mom who is near or faraway or an angel watching over you today!  

don't forget to be grateful for the women who you have in your life or you've had in your life who have made a difference....just by being there for you.

think of all of the friends who have shared their mom's and those women you've been blessed to have in your life.  

call someone who has made a difference or drop them a note or just send them good thoughts!

this is a day to enjoy.  guilt free.  keep it simple. really.  no guilt.  no lists. no agendas. no tasks. no to do's. no shoulds. no woulds. no coulds. no might haves.

just enjoy your day.

you have to. you must. you will. you need to. you should. you better, darn it! hallmark says so!

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