Saturday, May 8, 2010

madisonctwalkswithdogs is one figured out  a blog that i started way back when i started littlemarymixup!  it's all with daisy and fitz.  just some pictures of our days....walking....the dogs....i guess you had that figured out already! i thought i should share it with you.  daisy came to us from the breeder some time around mother's day....she was a true gift to us all!  her sweet disposition has made life with our first family dog a joy!  she makes us all laugh.  she is well behaved and nurtures us all.

fitgerald, fitzy, fitz and "leave it!!!!" is the dog we adopted at 1 year old.  daisy was just 5 years old back then!  she helped to look after our frisky little food monger who so desperately wanted food and needed love.

daisy helped fitzy's adjustment period.  she slept in the crate we got for fitzgerald.  since fitzy apparently had some issues related to her crate...she HATED it and practically had to be picked up to get into her new niche that we had so happily prepared for her.  The only thing that we could figure was that perhaps she had been crated as a jail rather than her home for comfort.

Daisy took Fitzy on as her job.  Daisy went into the crate, with the soft and comfortable fleece puffy bed, to encourage fitz.  it worked. kind of.  daisy got her in....but not for long.  the only way we could have this bundle of energy was to have our sweet daisy sleep in the crate with her.
it worked.  daisy was happy to see a crate again.  it took fitzy a little more getting used was a little different getting a puppy who had issues of abandonment after living with 3 families. 

the first family was a family with 4 children under 6 seemed to be a poor fit.  i can understand the IDEA of getting a family dog...maybe that wasn't the best timing on their part! we think fitz got some of her eating moochy, food obsessed, food compulsive and a food monger....and that's just the beginning...that's an understatement!  it seems that she may not have been out of the crate much and it seems she wasn't used to being on a leash and it seems that she had never been to the beach or the woods.  wow, a golden retriever who was a beast for food was more typical, but a golden retriever afraid of water?  that defied everything we knew of goldens!

she needed our help.  she did love our kitties and  adapted to them well.  she was sweet and loving with them.  she ate biff's  dinner right off his plate one night....while he was sitting there!  she ran through our neighbors' houses to introduce herself in the neighborhood.  she used to get a ride home from a family a few blocks away...she enjoyed the company of their german shepherd, lucy.  she was welcomed with open arms and biscuits at the dolan's.  the good news is that they loved her....and the bad news is that they loved her!

the dolan's were the first place she'd go if she was off leash in the woods.  why not.  fitzgerald?  dolan? what's not to love?  they probably had great sing alongs, corned beef and potatoes.  now she's living on a leash. forever!

so, that's how that blog came to be.  i wanted to document some of the fun i have and the
great places they "take" me!  I post the photos sporadically.  they make me laugh and they get me out on the best and worst days ....and even in pelting rain or snow, it's always great.

just sayin'.

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