Saturday, May 8, 2010

prepnextdoor is a little blog that i've started.  it came to be while i was out shopping with grace and kaitlin.  the photos became a fun little game for me while the girls were on their own, gaining just a little independence....

i walk through stores all of the time and think about the possibilities everyone any income...starting out....on a budget.....spending money on rent in new york city, boston or any city....just thinking...and how my mom would love this....we talked about our finds all of the time...we shopped together....we talked about shopping long was my mom's middle name.  if you have taste, you can shop anywhere....she always said....and i'd like to prove her right!  little hints and ideas ....thinking of of my very best shopping partners in crime!

whenever we showed enthusiasm over any item in a store, any store...whether in london or paris or t.j. maxx, we would gather a crowd of curious shoppers.  we learned to whisper and talk in code! 

i've just explained that to grace.  it's in the gene pool....we've gathered a crowd too.  i had to teach grace out code of would be so proud.  grace learned at the knee of the best!  i'm proud that i did too!  i want to share that with you!

i should probably acknowledge, i'm just blog crazy....oh! and e-bay too!  imagine that just 6 months ago....i wasn't even computer literate!!  i'm getting to do what i love.  thanks mom!

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