Sunday, June 6, 2010

sunday morning. quiet. sitting with my coffee. daisy and fitzy sleeping by my side. sounds of summer.  happy the kitten, sleeping on the chair. jinx, the black kitty pads by.   an occasional car driving by, the leaves on the trees as a slight wind blows them.  then, the breeze through the house, with the windows open. a cacaphony of sweet chirping and tweeting. quiet.

and then...DROID.D.D.....that's my new phone. finally, after all of the hand me downs. you remember the pink one.  there was the black one,   that landed in a cup of coffee that was carefully placed in the car's  cup holder.....ironically on the way to the beach, where my phones usually meet their demise.  oh! let's not forget about the hand me down phone that was from t.j.! that was aptly named "the magic phone"....because it had survived 3 months outside under the leaves, rain, cold, even lawn mowing the day we found it.  

we brought that phone in, tried c.p.r., but settled with inserting the phone into a bag of rice overnight, then baking it in the oven at 225 for 10 minutes and waiting with bated breath to see if it would survive.  it did.  hence, the name. 

there were others.  others with less dramatic endings.  like, water damage.  i used to have hope for the water damaged phones.  like a trip to the emergency room,we would take the phone up to the verizon store, sit and wait for our name to be called, tell our traumatic experience to the attending on duty......and hope....with everything we had.  we would plead. we would blurt out how we had cared for the phone,  we anxiously await their response.  we were desperate.  we wanted the phones to hang on until our next free a month...even two weeks. sadly, we would note the expression of the attending.  keep trying, we would beg.  that's when we always heard the same response.  with a cold and distant look in their eyes, they would calmly state, "water damage."  if we tried to plea our case, they would repeat again and again, "water damage."  that was all.  the end.  nothing would change.  "water damage" was the end.  final answer. do not pass go, do not collect $200., dead end, The End.

now, i have the phone with internet.  it helps me stay connected to my e-bay....allowing updates.  it will help me on the cape. i will be able to have access to all of my important, i can continue my business while away!  very cool.

one thing about my free may offer me everything i need.  it may send me to the moon.  it may get me a cup of coffee.  but, it's tough.  biff made sure that i got the bullet proof casing. oh sure, they had the hot pink cover....the one i wanted.  but, no. the family didn't think i could handle that.  they insisted.  i had to have the big and clunky, bullet proof, secret service model.  uggghhhh.   not as cute.  it certainly doesn't have the look of my barbie set.  the phone, the little laptop or my cute camera.

and, in a moment of peaceful bliss, it drones on, "DROID" i'm on the moon and the robot is calling.  i love the droid.  i love what it does for me.  it is amazing how the world keeps advancing in technology.

we can send a man to the moon...but, why can't my droid just leave me alone....when i'm having my quiet time?

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