Sunday, June 6, 2010

twice today....i wrote stories on my blog and *POOF* it was gone!  i shouted, "BIFF!"  i was shocked. it was gone. just like that.  i had posted pictures.  quite a few.  *POOF* it was off into cyberspace. no fun. 

i tried again later.  my story took a different direction.  i had some little tidbits that occurred over the last week....and just like that....*POOF* again!

could this be a cruel joke?  doubt it.  could it discourage me....maybe, but probably not.  i'm pretty used to having the *POOFS* occur in life.  it's the *POOFS* of life that can make or break us.  some are littl blips on the screen of life.  believe me, in the grand scheme of things, a losing a littlemarymixup story won't send anyone over the edge....even if it was the greatest story ever told, i'd be hard pressed to get upset.

wait!  i don't mean to say that i don't jump up and shout,"YIKES!"....pretty frustrating for me to feel like the computer just swallowed everything and won't spit it out....ever!  but, it's a blog. it's not stopping the b.p. oil spill! 

hopefully, those guys are taking that a little more intensely than i felt while my blogomamma went out the window.

that's when i think.....that was meant to be.  i believe in, "what's meant to be is meant to be"....after doing my best.  sometimes, there are no coincidences. 

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