Sunday, June 6, 2010

a whirlwind of a weekend.  i am so tired.  i need sleep.  i've been working on e-bay.....lots to keep me  busy. i have so much to list and no time to do it.  i just dropped an "s.d. card" with all of the pictures from my camera.  i had it in my hand and then it was missing.

i spent hours taking the photos. i have been praying to saint anthony.  does everybody know saint anthony?  he has usually been the guy to help me out when something goes missing.  from car keys to diamonds....

what? you say!  yes, diamonds...but not from biff!  the "booby prize" diamonds from the guy biff will love forever!  biff loves the guy who gave me my "booby prize"....that  was the term my mom gave those diamonds from ol' watzizname.  patti and david were there the night ol' watzizname gave them to romantic moment there!  just gave them.  splat. on the table. for me?  yes. for you. oh. thank you. they're beautiful. oh they are the finest. oh. how come you are late again?  did i mention that i never really cared that much about diamonds?  not so much.

somehow those diamonds won't leave me.  i have lost them in the pool. my niece claire found them in the 5 feet.  my mom was robbed. i was living at home at the time.  guess what?  all of my mom's and grandma's tiffany jewelry was stolen...just the gold stuff.....not my diamond earrings! 

there were people who thought it was great that i got so much "stuff."  after dating someone who cared so much about giving the stuff so that he could show off that he bought me the stuff!  somehow, the stuff didn't matter.  in the end, he taught me a great lesson, all of the stuff in the world didn't matter.  it was the love that mattered.  and *POOF* he was gone!  that was my best break up ever! 

biff loves ol' watzizmame.  precisely because he gave me the diamonds!   since watzizname gave me th diamond earrings and necklace, biff would never have to get me any.  he liked the way the diamonds looked. biff still loves watzizmname,because after him, my mom thought that biff was the saint! 

oh1 speaking of saints, i need everyone to send out a little prayer/wish/whisper/gesture/thought to ask him to please help me find the s.d. card that has hours of my work on it.....i need sleep.  i hope st. anthony helps me out while i sleep.  otherwise, i have to do it over store needs to have new merchandise listed!  please st. anthony....i never even had to ask for the watzizname diamonds.  they just keep reappearing.  I just want to get some of the great merchandise out on e-bay......
coach, vera bradley, j.crew, ralph lauren, lilly and more.....i have to get started!  first, i need sleep.  g'nite.

one more time....please saint me find my s.d. card!  i've believed in you since i was four....and you helped me find my little bunny rabbit pocketbook!  i'm still grateful!

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Kathy said...

Things have a way of turning up. I think you definitely need to take a break and get some rest. The work will be there tomorrow.