Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Why is it always a million degrees when school starts?  It's so hot that i had to leave the beach today.  The dogs were romping and frolicking near the water. I tried to get Fitzy into the water and that's when I realized it was to hot to be at the beach.  I was tugging and pulling this kooky dog while Daisy plunking her nice furry, golden body into the crystal clear water when i realized I was the one who was too hot.  That's when I resorted to walking in...the water...sneakers and all.  I tugged Fitz one more time.  Then she came in.  Quirky? Yes.  Once I went in, Fitzy followed.  I had to leave once we were all wet.  It was too hot to walk at 8 in the morning! It's too hot to sit.  It's too hot to write.  T.J. and Grace want to go to the new YMCA today. Indoors? A.C.? Pool?  Sounds good to me! 

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