Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Just thinking about so many of the kids we love....going off to college...i just had to write a message on facebook to one of the girls we've seen grow up....she's the big sister to one of Grace's friends....she's just a few years ahead of Grace and T.J.  We've known her since our Montessori days...for our's quite literally almost a lifetime....our children's lifetime!  

Just want to wish you well as you begin your college life. may not realize this but you have been, and you still are, someone who Grace looks up to as a role model....for real. She's always taken note of your successes! I thank you for that. She needs that and she needs encouragement. She had a challenging freshman year so she's pretty psyched for a fresh start. So...thanks Annie ....and remember never know who you touch!!!
Have a great year!

Then, Annie was sweet enough to write back .....

Thanks so much Mrs.Biff! I am glad I've been able to affect Grace, and I would love to have her here for a visit with Lilly, so I can expose them to what really hard work can turn into.

I look forward to seeing you guys when I come home. Thank you for all of your support.


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